Sankey Oil Heaters

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Sankey Oil Heaters

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Comments by James on 5th February 2017 

hi I have one of these for sale with the chrome legs and short legs it was passed down to me years ago and has sat in my garage ever since have pictures if anyone is interested please let me know thanks

Comments by Jon wain on 9th January 2016 

i have one of these and it was manufactured in 1957 as stamped
under its lid.

Comments by Anne on 23rd April 2013  

I still see these heaters on Ebay for use. In fact this drip feed heater was withdrawn and banned from the market in the early 70's. There were cases of them tipping over, and the parrafin spreading across the floor and igniting. If I remember correctly children died and many scarred for life. There was no fail safe mechanism to cut out the flame if it tipped up.

Comments by Andre Ferrari on 14th February 2013  

The burner looks identical to the one we used to have in our paraffin heater. I don't recall 'oil' heaters from my childhood. Everyone had paraffin heaters. The smell they gave off was instantly reognisable, though I havn't smelt that distinctive smell for years.

Comments by jack on 18th June 2011 

ive just bought one off the market today, what oil does it need and can you burn clean waste oil in it, does anyone know? it looks fairly decent and complete but the spring around the top of the burner has broken up, does anyone know where i might be able to find one? cheers.

Comments by Keith on 10th December 2010 

If anyone has one spare I want one for spares ,or can anyone tell me where to get any parts

Comments by steve on 1st August 2009  

We've still got a working Senator Heater at the garage i work it, it works throughout the winter keeping our toilet VERY warm, still works fantastic