Imperial Typewriter Co. Ltd.

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Year: 1950         Item #: 460         Views: 7,159         Comments: 3

Imperial Typewriter Co. Ltd.

First in design - complete interchangeability of type-unit, carriage and platen plus many new features. Performance - Distinctive work of unequalled legibility. Clear carbon copies and fine stencils. Value - Built to give the long service always associated with Imperial Typewriters. Imperial Model 60.

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Comments by steve on 20th October 2012  

I have this typewriter too! Does anyone know where I can get ribbon for it?

Comments by Claire on 17th July 2011 

I am trying to find the value of this typewriter, it was left to by my mom when she passed away.

Comments by Aliya on 5th October 2010 

i have this typewriter!! :)