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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Brian Humphries on 27th September 2018  

I have a "Suzanne" nylon mac too. Mmmmm!

Comments by Susan on 27th September 2018

I recently bought a ladies genuine nylon Pakamac and just as I remembered and incidentally commented on here some years ago, the ladies macs were indeed given women's names for the style. There in one of the pockets was the label stating the style Suzanne. Also, there was a date, stating May 77. I can only assume that this was the production date. Unfortunately, I had broken one of my rules about buying clothing, the mac had been used before, many times. I never ever wear second hand but the lure of Suzanne was too irresistible. I consigned it to a soak in biological washing liquid and an antibacterial washing liquid overnight. Hanging in a stiff breeze the next day, the Pakamac dried in no time. The result? Beautiful. Stains gone and a pleasant aroma. Sadly, the pocket style tag had faded almost completely.

However, the Pakamac is an absolute delight to wear bringing back all the lovely memories of when I was younger and used to leave a shop in one, having just bought it new. In fact it was better, perfection indeed. The way it looks over a matching dress is fabulous. Buttoned to the neck, it feels and looks wonderful. It struck me too, just how well made they were and judging by the date, just how rubust they were compared to nylon macs of the 90s. Rather than just selling it on, it has become integral to my wardrobe, a favourite and one that I take everywhere.

Comments by Hugh on 24th September 2018 

Please guide me to Jean's photo's.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 24th September 2018  

All pictures of Sue are fantastic. All pictures of Jean are fantastic.

Comments by Old friend on 16th September 2018  

Susan I saw a photo of you wearing a silver mac fantastic more please

Comments by Hugh on 14th September 2018 

Hello Plastic Pakamac. Please contact me on

Comments by Plastic Pakamac on 13th September 2018 

Hi, in the late sixties/early seventies my dad had one, I had the more usual plastic only sort.
I don't think he liked his that much, but it was practical and much stronger that the ones I had.
But for me, I just loved them, and still do, please email me if you would like to chat.
Plastic Pakamac.

Comments by Jean on 7th September 2018  

Does anyone know when Pakamac Ltd were producing their men's nylon reinforced PVC raincoats? I noticed that there was one for sale recently, on eBay.

Comments by Susan on 6th September 2018

I bought all my lady's navy blue nylon macs from high street shops, up until about 12 years ago. After a while, there was no need to even try them on as the sizes were perfect. Fortunately, I still have a lot of them.

It must have been about 30 years since I bought one from C&A. Their styles used to be somewhat different to other shops.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 1st September 2018  

Lots of lady's navy nylon macs on e-bay, so important for me.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 30th August 2018  

I am so glad I bought most of my female macs in the 1980s-not least from C & A. This store was terrific.

Comments by Beverley mr on 29th August 2018  

wish i had bought up lots of plastic macs in 1980s when they were new for about 7 pounds. Bev.

Comments by Hugh on 24th August 2018 

Hopefully, Susan, it'll be someone like us.

Comments by Susan on 24th August 2018

Well, I was unable to buy the plastic mac that I wanted so I'll have to go with the alternative. The one I wanted was a hardly worn genuine Pakamac in leopard print plastic. Did anyone else see it or bid on it on eBay? Why couldn't I buy it? Well, the final bid of £103 took it well out of my range.
Who is buying all these? Where are they disappearing off to, never to be seen again?

Comments by Jean on 23rd August 2018  

Heavens yes Brian, I am an incorrigible plastic mac and nylon mac wearer.

I think that I've been incredibly lucky to have bought three gents plastic macs this year at what would seem to me, cheap prices. If only I had the foresight to stock up on them 40 years ago! You know me though Brian, I couldn't have resisted wearing them.

Comments by Susan on 23rd August 2018

You are indeed correct Brian. I've already ordered a new plastic mac on eBay, which should arrive next week. As well as that, I have my eye on another plastic mac. If that bid is unsuccessful, I have a back-up option that I'll order later.

I agree Jeff and Ken, those prices are a bit steep. If it's any consolation, I paid over £80 for a much sought after plastic cape, some 10 plus years ago. Yes Brian, I am incorrigible.

Comments by Jeff on 16th August 2018  

Hi Ken, I agree, the total cost is extortionate. Long gone are the days when you could buy a plastic mac for 17s/6d. PVC-U-Like make a gent's plastic raincoat but they are about £50 plus the postage.

Comments by Ken on 15th August 2018  

Hi again Jeff found them Mac's but the postage is double the price of the Mac ridiculous

Comments by Ken on 15th August 2018  

Hi Jeff many thanks I will Google them they sound like paradise lost

Comments by Brian Humphries on 14th August 2018  

Thanks for the response, Jeff! I have 3 male Jeantex plastic macs, all dark blue, with a violet tinge, and a delightfully rubbery texture. When held to the light, they are slightly translucent.

I also have a lady's Jeantex mac, and this is indeed clear and natural. It is beautifully oversized too, ideal for outdoor use-and dating!

Soon be autumn, and the season for wearing nylon macs-and, oh dear, I will be ordering more-just like my friends Sue and Jean. We are incorrigible-and we just love it!

Comments by Jeff on 14th August 2018  

Hi Ken, they are really nice macs, I have 3 of the "Toni style" raincoats as well as a Jeantex "Frank style" hooded jacket and a Jeantex see-through poncho. Unfortunately, I suspect that Jeantex no longer make any see-through plastic rainwear although I may be wrong. However, there are similar items manufactured under the brand name "Pro-X Elements". Their styles are "Fred", which is a gent's raincoat, "Bess", which is a ladies raincoat and "Dublin" which is a unisex poncho. It seems that these items are only available from Germany and postage makes them quite expensive. Try googling "Jeantex Toni", you may be lucky. Also, try googling "Pro-x Elements Fred" or "Pro-x Elements Dublin". Hope this helps, Jeff.

Comments by Ken on 13th August 2018  

Hi Jeff may I ask you were did you buy your plastic Mac I would love one .

Comments by Jeff on 13th August 2018  

Hello Brian, glad to see that someone else enjoys wearing their Jeantex plastic mac. I wore mine a few times last week while on holiday in North Devon. Mine is natural, see-through plastic, you say that yours is slightly see-through. Is yours natural too ?

Comments by Brian Humphries on 12th August 2018  

I just keep buying them. I just love them. What shall I do?

Comments by Beverley mr on 10th August 2018 

great to get out in the rain today walk round to shops with nylon mackintosh on with rain pattering on my hood.

Comments by Susan on 2nd August 2018

Thank you Old friend. You know how much I enjoy wearing them.

Comments by Old friend on 1st August 2018  

I have never seen a transparent plastic mac been worn better than Susan does its fantastic I challenge anyone to find a better one.

Comments by Beverley mr on 29th July 2018  


Comments by Susan on 29th July 2018

One of my genuine plastic Pakamacs also says 'Made in Taiwan' on the inside label, Jeff. It's a style and quality that I remember buying in the 1970s. I haven't tried it on yet, it still has all the tags and is in it's, albeit battered, original bag. If my memory serves me well, I'll have to be careful when I put it on, because the buttonholes tore so very easily.

My other two genuine plastic Pakamacs say 'Made in China' on the inside label. They both have a fly-front, which I didn't recall from my younger days. I can only assume that they are a later manifestation and production moved to the Chinese mainland.

It surprises me that with the profusion of cheap plastic macs on offer these days, aimed primarily I believe at outdoor festival goers, that some enterprising Asian business hasn't started trading under the Pakamac logo.

Heavens, I have surprised myself, as all these macs were bought only this year, just how much I adore the feeling of wearing an actual GENUINE PLASTIC PAKAMAC.

Comments by Beverley mr on 27th July 2018 

sitting in garden nothing on but my sundress. sudden high wind thunder and rain. so in mackintosh on hood up. put car in and sun lounger away. sadly rain soon stopped. bit more later but not much.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 26th July 2018 

I keep being draw to my rubbery, plastic, slightly see-through Jeantex mac, which rolls up beautifully to Pakamac size. I wonder why.........?

Comments by Beverley mr on 20th July 2018 

Missed out tonight watching tv. looked out to see had been raining for sometime. Got into my plastic mackingtosh put hood up. hope to hear the rain pattering on my hood. only to find rain stopped. Was cool so had some time strolling in garden mackintosh on hood up. Bev

Comments by Hugh on 20th July 2018 

I have some twenty pac a macs. Two of which are Pakamacs, two from Chariot, a few others who's name escapes me, and four by Dunn &Co.

Comments by Old friend on 20th July 2018  

Susan your photos are fantastic the. transparent plastic macs are mind blowing.

Comments by Jeff on 20th July 2018  

Hello Susan, I have a pale blue translucent plastic mac, the label says it is a genuine Pakamac but made in Taiwan. Probably, production would have ceased in the Manchester/Chadderton by then and moved to countries where labour was cheaper.

Comments by Beverley mr on 19th July 2018 

Strangly my sightings of mackintosh wearing ladies seem to come in 2 3 in one day and always when least expected. Bev

Comments by Susan on 19th July 2018

How many of us out there actually own genuine Pakamacs? I have four in total amongst my larger collection of plastic macs and nylon macs. Three are plastic macs and one is a nylon mac.

There is just something extra thrilling about wearing a genuine Pakamac. I know it's all in the mind because I have different plastic macs and nylon macs which I much prefer, but knowing that the mac I'm wearing is a Pakamac, adds so much more to the experience.

Comments by Hugh on 18th July 2018 

Try me on here first, Ken.

Comments by Ken on 18th July 2018  

Hi Hugh you are quite right but to see ladies wearing nylon macs is heartwarming hopefully it will continue leave your mobile number be good to chat with a Mac lover.

Comments by Hugh on 16th July 2018 

Well Ken my hopes aren't that high for the return of the mack but as long as we have people like you and me who still enjoy them and can share our thoughts and experiences, I will be quite happy.

Comments by Ken on 14th July 2018  

Hi. Hugh it was in Tesco superstore they came into the Cafe but not together hopefully macs will come back into fashion

Comments by Hugh on 13th July 2018 

And where might we see these magical women in in nylon mack's?

Comments by K on 12th July 2018  

Rain has come bringing a miracle couple of youngish women in nylon macs one green the other a beautiful shade of Maroon happy days

Comments by Hugh on 8th July 2018 

I think we are all in despair, Beverly, with this most awful weather. Thank heavens for our lightweight mackintoshes; they are bearable after dark when it's cooler.

Comments by Beverley mr on 4th July 2018 


Comments by Ken on 21st June 2018  

Mmmmmmmmm Beverly

Comments by Hugh on 21st June 2018 

So wonderful to see that nylon mackintoshes are back on the agenda.

Comments by Beverley mr on 20th June 2018 

Yes live in Bedford. got my nylon mackintosh on at the monent not as good as pakamac but nice rustle

Comments by Ken on 16th June 2018  

Hi. David are you from Bedford?

Comments by David Ashman on 15th June 2018 

I have found the aroma of plastic macs is only when they are new and sadly soon fades away.