Evening in the Cafe Royal

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Evening in the Cafe Royal

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Once they drank absinthe. He wore long hair and a stock-tie. She wore a flowing dress and sandals. They talked about the Yellow Book and the newest witticism of Oscar Wilde. To-day they dress like ordinary people, and they talked about... what do you think?
Source: Picture Post. November 12, 1938

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Comments by Tom Walsh Wigan on 2nd March 2012  tom.walsh45me.com 

Please compere this photograph with another on this site . " An Evening Pint in The Feathers" . The same city , the same year , but absolutely
worlds apart. T'was ever thus!.

Comments by HOWARD on 13th September 2009  

I' m not sure these two were very ordinary even in 1938, they don't look like they've just been working in the mills or mines. The strange thing is I think I'm an ordinary bloke, and I have too many tattoos to be let in the Cafe Royal but I like nothing more than a talk about The Yellow Book and Oscar Wilde's witticisms.

Comments by David Briggs on 4th June 2008  davidgbriggs@btinternet.com 

Why have you got a chinese spring roll on your head

Comments by Katy on 16th October 2007  

"and breath my dear, it's not that kind of cigarette!"

Comments by Ron on 27th September 2007  

"I do believe a rare hawk moth is pupating in your hair my dear"

Comments by David on 27th September 2007  

I'll have that sausage roll if you're not keeping it for later?

Comments by Dave Marsh on 21st June 2006  davemarsh@jerseymail.co.uk 

"You do look most fetching this evening my dear".