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Year: 1955         Item #: 1009         Views: 7,662         Comments: 3


that cough needs Zubes - A troublesome cough needs Zubes. So does a cold. So does a sore throat. Why? Look what Zubes contain. Balsam of Tolu to soothe tickling throats...

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Comments by Pete on 11th December 2019  

Hoarse ?- go, suck a Zube !

Comments by Mrs J Roberts on 29th September 2016  lady.jr@hotmail.co.uk 

we as children loved zubes.in my mind i can still taste them.are they still on the market?this memory goes back to the 1950's.just mention zubes and i hear the jingle,ZUBES,ZUBES,ZUBES ARE GOOD FOR YOUR TUBES.they certainly were.

Comments by Linda Meredith on 21st February 2016  Swalklm@yahoo.co 

Zubes, Zubes, Zubes are good for your tubes !!