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Posted by Mrs Joan Racheru on 23rd May 2016 

Can anyone remember an advert with a profile figure with a queue , single pigtail. I think on a porridge oats packet?

Posted by Brian on 31st March 2016  

Gentle Touch

Posted by David Bailey on 31st March 2016  

what is the answer to #19 on 1980's tv shows

Posted by Brian rigby on 26th February 2016  

Does anyone remember the Italian p o w s down woodhouse lane where pem caravans was I think they left about 1946

Posted by Patricia Entwistle Altomare on 10th November 2015  

I came upon this website by accident. My grandfather was born in (I believe) in Wiggens, UK, March 29, 1860 and died July 5, 1918. Not sure when he and my Gram married their first child was born in 1889.

Posted by pat o keeffe on 19th September 2015 

Thank you for your wonderful work

Posted by Phil Shankland on 18th August 2015

hey - I just came across your website - great images. They'd look good on Tinamps. Are they copyright?

Let's have a chat.

Posted by Fran Hiatt on 29th July 2015 

Terrific idea, and I will enjoy using it.Well done.

Posted by Joe Morris on 8th July 2015 

Hi Brian,

This is an e-mail message about my second book No Joe Bloggs.


Best wishes

Posted by laura tanner on 5th July 2015 

Post war Main Gas Cooker approx 45 years old still in working condition! Kept by same lady all those years in near to pristine condition. do Main still exist? would anyone want this cooker in a museum? would be a shame if not!

Posted by David Davis on 19th May 2015 

Hi came across your website by sheer accident and glad I did. I have tea many fascinating comments left by others. It sure brought back memories of my grand parents. Life and society has changed. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time when the world wasn't so full of hate and neighbours were good neighbours.

Posted by Fred on 19th April 2015  

you can get Gibbs sr toothpaste at hanwells mill square storrington West Sussex

Posted by Ramona Giron on 6th April 2015 

I came across an old full bottle of Famil Syrup at a give away, wondering if it has any value.

Posted by Derek J Barden on 7th February 2015 

happy Days at Donshu Davidson footwear, a sad day on the 5th February 1983

Posted by Geraldine on 18th January 2015  

Does anyone know how I can contact David Devine who posted a message and photo on this website? Many thanks in advance

Posted by nik zaki on 24th November 2014 

Good information. Where can I buy Gibbs toothpaste?

Posted by Walter Crawford on 9th October 2014 

A fantastic website. I came upon it quite by accident and am delighted by the contents, especially the "Old adverts" they take me back to my childhood -"Happy days of yore" Thanks so much.

Posted by Keith Spann on 10th June 2014 

Just discovered you and dipped in. What a fantastic site. Congratulations.

Posted by M. Mullan on 30th May 2014  

I am descended from coal miners of Wigan, and as I look at your photos of them at rest, I marvel at the hardships they would have endured. Our modern complaints pale in comparison.

Posted by Brandy Butler on 16th March 2014  

My mother's family are Whitakers. She said that her family could be traced to the DOOMS DAY BOOK. She has papers showing a family tree. So, this is a neat website to see. To beat it all.... My father's side of the family is ironic.