Berkley Caravans

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Berkley Caravans

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Comments by lesley ison arnold on 4th January 2013 

My dad bought one second hand in the fifties.... it also had the lift up rear wall... loved that van and the holidays esp. my little pram sailing dingy tadpole.

Comments by Stuart Tiplady on 17th July 2010 

My mother and father had one of these as their first caravan in 1955. Somewhere my mum may well have some photo's of the caravan. It also had a rear panel that lifted up for those sunny days. The layout was double bed across the front with bunk above, at the rear was a dinette that made a double bed. It did not have a toilet, however it had awardrobe and chest of drawers where today would be the loo. Was eventually sold in 1958 for a Sprite Major that had a full cooker and drop down double bed. Why not re-introduce this layout I remember it well with full length single beds at the front. Dad used to tow it with a Standard Vanguard.