Black Cat Medium Cigarettes

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Black Cat Medium Cigarettes

You can tell a really good engine driver only by the way he handles his engine.. Right and you can tell a really good cigarette only by smoking it - Black Cat Medium Cigarettes.

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Comments by Alexis Webb [nee Duly] on 21st June 2015  

I do not think the identification of the man on the first post is correct.I beleave the man is my Grandfather CHARLES THOMAS DULY. My grandfather was with the railways.and based at Hastings and Ore. This photo was in the entrance hall of their bungalo at Ore.for as long as I can remember.and grandpa always tol me it was of him. I still have a photo of the advert. On the back of which my late father has written..Grandpa DULY.Charingcross 1930

Comments by lady Brenda crust tender on 17th June 2015  

The gentleman on the right is my grandfather Mr Charles Thomas Duly. The original photo is still in my family

Comments by Brenda cruttenden on 17th June 2015  

The man on the right is my grandfather charles thomas duly..and NOT as one of the other comments The photo is still with a family member

Comments by Peter Sims on 1st March 2015 

The man on the left is my grandfather Edward Alexander Sims 'known as Ted'. He lived in South East London (Deptford/Greenwich) and moved to Hastings in 1935 and worked out of West Marina Steam sheds, Bo Peep St Leonards.

Comments by Vera Moon on 30th April 2011  

The man on the right is John William (Bill) Foot. He was an engine driver on steam trains in the 30's. He lived in Peckham and then West Ewell.