White & Co. (Earls Barton) Ltd.

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White & Co. (Earls Barton) Ltd.

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'Crown' range of footwear is made by experts for men of taste. White & Co. (Earls Barton) Ltd. Earls Barton.

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Comments by Veganline.com on 9th December 2013  shop@veganline.com  http://veganline.com

White's started making a Tredair range in 1976 which was much more comfortable and still available from my shoe shop in gibson and ankle-boot styles. The label was printed on the shame shoes as the Doc Marten logo until the mid 1980s: White's Daventry factory produced about 7000 pairs a year of DMs at a time when several UK factories held a UK licence. You can see more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tredair . After closure as a large business, one of the White brothers maintains a shoe procurement and design business at http://whiteandco1890.com/ while the other lives in the USA and designs Chinese-made shoes for his brands including Emily Strange and TUK.