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Gibbs Dentifrice

FOR YOU - and the children too! Gibbs Dentifrice. Cleansing. Refreshing. Economical. The family choice for over 30 years.

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Comments by sylvia ann jenkins on 21st August 2017 

I hated the gibb's dentifrice, I used to pray for a tube of sky toothpaste, or some pepsodent, toothpaste in a tube seemed the height of luxury

Comments by Ron on 20th August 2017 

I remeber hating toothpaste as a small boy - felt just like putting a squashy worm in my mouth - so I insisted on using Dentifrice, which was great. When did they stop making it?

Comments by Ron on 19th August 2017 

I remeber hating toothpaste as a small boy - felt just like putting a squashy worm in my mouth - so I insisted on using Dentifrice, which was great. When did they stop making it?

Comments by Brian Goodson on 7th March 2016  

Does anyone remember the Ivory Castles and Giant Decay programme on Radio Normandy every Sunday morning at 8.30 during the 1930's advertising Gibbs Dentifrice?

Comments by jake veazey on 28th May 2015 

Ive found five of these lids while metaldetecting in middlesbrough north east uk

Comments by Brenda Haynes on 4th June 2014 

As part of their advertising campaign or as a reward for buying the product, the Gibbs company at some stage produced a series of cardboard jigsaw puzzles, featuring the ivory castle and the Gibbs archer plus lots of tiny fairies and small goblins. It would be good to have a rough date for these items as we have three still which came from my husband's family. If the person who sent the original letter about the Gibbs family would like me to do so, I could photograph the puzzles, made up and make arrangements to mail them somehow.

Comments by Robyn on 22nd May 2014 

I have recently found out that the soap manufacturer D & W Gibbs was owned by my great great great grandfathers family. It is wonderful to see these pieces of history.

Comments by Merv on 19th May 2014  

Found one these tops at Lepe Beach, Langley, Southampton, Hants 30/04/2014 Near D-Day embarkation remains.

Comments by kevin bleasdale on 11th May 2014 

I just found a top of one of these, metal detecting in Bideford, Devon, UK

Comments by F. J. Nitely on 22nd February 2014 

I just found a badly battered top of one of these while metal detecting in Adelaide, South Australia!

Comments by sue on 16th April 2012 

I have two unopened tins of this.

Comments by Reg Sheard on 3rd February 2011  

I worked as an apprentice in Lever brothers Port Sunlight in 1949. Gibbs was made in a little room with restricted access in No3 soapery i can smell it now it was lovely we used to Borrow? some for personal use.My sister used to save the Pink wrapping paper I never found out why

Comments by Pauline B (nee Johnson) on 25th January 2011  

In 1952, when I was just five years old and my sister was nine, we were sent to a convalescent home in Devon for six weeks, as our Mum was poorly and she needed a break. It was the first time I remember seeing pink Gibbs Dentifrice in the little round tin. The nurses used to brush my teeth for me using this and it's sometihng I will never forget!

Comments by Alan Humphris on 4th December 2010 

My mother regularly bought Gibbs Dentifrice in the 1940's and 1950's. It was horrible, my brother and I hated it, as a consequence we often went days on end without cleaning our teeth, and of course suffered tooth decay as a result. Back in the early 50's our mother took us to a school clinic when we needed dental treatment, rather than a regular dental surgeon, the problem was that there was only one treatment available there, and that was a general anasthetic using gas, and then extraction of the offending tooth. Fillings were not an option. We both needed to have dentures in our mid teens. Bad days.

Comments by roger g hill on 27th September 2010  rogerhill,hill4 

I had the privilege of selling Gibbs Dentifrice as Area sales representative with D and W gibbs in England.I worked for Unilever for 29 years and retired in 1989.with Elida Gibbs.

Comments by kirstie lewis on 10th May 2010 

I am the same as above, just purchased a metal detector and found a small silver tin with gills dentrfrice written on it. Didn't have a clue untill i looked on here. Love it, it even has a space on the back to write your name on it. It very mis-shaped but interesting.

Comments by Mark p on 9th October 2008  

Gibbs dentifrice
I've been Metal detecting in hampshire today,
and found the tin a bit crushed but readable.
not opened it yet!!

Comments by David Maia on 18th June 2008 

I am too young to know this kind of toothpast, but i found one of this cans on the wrecks of an english truck convoy in Libya, 70 years later. Not with this drawing, but a simple Gibbs dentifrice. I couldnt understand if it was gibbs or gills, but a quick check in the net popped up this!

Comments by Derek Lepper on 7th October 2006

I remember this, so well that I could 'taste' it when just saw the ad. How strange. I remember too unwrapping the beautiful multi-fold paper containing the tablet. We need it again now since toothpaste is not permitted in airline carry-on bags.