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Year: 1946         Item #: 178         Views: 6,071         Comments: 5


A special message to Blondes. If your blonde hair is going dark and mousy try Stablond shampoo. You will make this amazing discovery... that only Stablond can bring back that glorious golden sparkle to darkened blonde hair...

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Comments by Dempie on 20th September 2018  

John Frieda Go Blonder has exactly the same consistency and appearance of Sta Blonde

Comments by Dawn on 24th September 2015 

I was told that my aunt was depicted on a sta blond shampoo advertisement, however I don't have any photos of her at the right age to confirm if this is her. Does anyone know the lady's name?

Comments by JuggerMort on 5th March 2015  

Does anyone know who the lady in the advert is?

Comments by Judyne Wallace on 8th August 2012 

You could still buy this same product in the UK in 1986, which I did when visiting there. It was then made by Boots Pharmaceuticals.

Comments by jayne on 11th April 2012 

hi there, can you buy the equivilant of this product now. does it trade under another name? thanks jayne