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W. Bradley Ltd

W. Bradley Ltd Incorporating Emerson King Ltd. Mink Specialists and Manufacturing Furriers since 1884. Mink is so becoming for all occasions.

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Comments by Christine on 5th February 2012  

Last year I bought a W Bradley coat at an antiques shop in Liverpool & would love to know more about the coat & the company (eg what fur it is). On the back of the fur is a stamp MA something, maybe an 'B' or an 'R', & REGIS. It's a beautiful coat & I always get compliments when I wear it.

Comments by June Lennox-Bradley on 6th April 2008  jaylen920@yahoo.com.au 

Any luck yet Dash? Only just realised you were looking!

Comments by Dash Spaceski on 31st December 2007  

For real. I'm gonna try some more info.

Comments by June Lennox-Bradley on 5th April 2007  jaylen920@yahoo.com.au 

As a descendof this Bradley family, I have had some difficulty discovering any IN info, and do appreciate this Advertisement, very much. Any further information would be gratefully received.