Zepto Pencil

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Zepto Pencil

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'Zepto' Antiseptic Tartar Remover. Banish tartar and stains with a Zepto Pencil. Fine, dry powder is the ivory craftman's polishing medium. The Zepto Pencil - pointed for your convenient use - will give your teeth just that same gleaming polish...

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Comments by Joseph Cassar on 4th February 2013  

Used some 40 years ago in the form of a pink chalk pencil with success. Amazed it is still around!

Comments by Alistair Glass on 30th January 2012  arglass@optusnet.com.au 

Hi ! I am in Melbourne & just retrieved one of these pencils (unused & in original box with directions sheet.)
Seems a pity to discard this little piece of history! Maybe a collector of these items maybe interested in adding this to their collection?
Could blow up above poster and mount on wall with my items .Great decoration on dentist's waiting room wall !
Look forward to your response.