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Year: 1950         Item #: 302         Views: 5,828         Comments: 5


Maldano's Late Night Final Wine Cocktails and Egg Flip. 16/6 per bottle 8/9 per half bottle. A glow in every glass!

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Comments by Bevvy on 15th January 2017  beverly.gannon@tiscali 

My mum loved that drink.wishy they still made it. Lovly

Comments by Bev on 15th January 2017  beverly.gannon@tiscali 

How much u selling the late night final for. Would it b drinkable? It was my my s tag in the 50's 60's. I remember it was lovly

Comments by jill on 14th October 2016 

does anyone ant to buy an unopened bottle of late night final ?

Comments by Tig on 9th October 2015  

Anyone know what a bottle of Late Night Final is worth now?

Comments by pricy on 18th August 2014  the2prices@hotmail,com 

my mums verry best tipel