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Wilkinson Razor

Tom Beasley - Still at his Forge... Tom Beasley, the 75-year-old Wilkinson Sword Smith, is still at his forge. The same steel that made the Wilkinson Sword famous ever since Inkerman, is the steel that is in the Wilkinson Hollow-ground blade...

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Comments by Annette Burnard on 26th September 2014  annetteburnard@yahoo.com 

My Grandmother May Beasley was the daughter of Tom Beasley, she married Robert Pond. I have inherited about 8 newspaper articles on Tom, another about the death of his wife Harriet, and a few magazine articles about Rhoda Madge Beasley - grand daughter of Tom, a world renowned model and friend of Cathleen Sabine Mann - Lady Queensbury

Comments by Shane on 9th April 2014  Shaneboucher@hotmail.com 

Wonderfull I use these empire razors great blades these are a little difficult to hone though

Comments by dennis rawlings on 11th October 2010  duval_rawlings@hotmail.com 

Tom Beasley was my great grandfather,i well remember my
visits to see him at his house in Acton.Tom died when I was
10 and at aged 15 I went to work at Wilkinsons factory in Acton,however as a somewhat restless youth I went off to sea at 16.
My Grandmother Dolly was Toms daughter and like Tom she had a long life,she died aged 90 in 1985.

Comments by Julie Clarke on 4th January 2009  letsbiff45@msn.com 

Tom Beasley is my great grandfather, my mother (his granddaughter) would love to hear via myself from anyone that has an interest in this wonderful old gentleman.