Steedman's Powders

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Year: 1895         Item #: 354         Views: 6,919         Comments: 4

Steedman's Powders

Steedman's Soothing Powders for Children cutting Teeth. Relieve Feverish Heat. Prevent Fits, Convulsions etc. Preserve a Healthy State of the Constitution during the period of Teething.

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Comments by Linda Clifford on 20th November 2012 

Hello i lived in the steedmans factory in Walworth road south london where my mum was housekeeper it was such a lovely place to live they also made teething jelly nappy cream my dad always used the jelly for chillblanes i lived there until it closed down in 1969/70 my nan was housekeeper befor my mum.

Comments by Teresa Rogers on 21st October 2012  

I just found my brothers birthd records from 1953 and found that in there was recordes when he needed his first 'Steedmans'

Comments by RON on 30th December 2007  

I think they were in various periodicals of the time. No specific publication.

Comments by Peter Kahler-collins on 3rd June 2007 

hello i have a Steedmans add that i found in a paper back book(Aunt kate's Scootish songs) can u point me in a area were i can look up Steedman's add's ?
thxs pete