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The World's Best Value In Dual Purpose Furniture. 'Put-U-Up' is the supreme settee bed value - only the 'Put-U-Up' guaranteed mechanism can give the same smooth opening and trouble-free service. The hidden full length bed, with rigid steel framed wire mesh mattress and loose overlay, is as comfortable as as ordinary bed...

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Comments by George on 23rd November 2015  

Thanks for posting this and David's comment - brought back so many memories!

Comments by David on 18th July 2015  

Rachel, you start by lifting the back all the way up. Then lift the back of the seat up, till the seat is vertical. Behind it there should be a horizontal bar. The trick is to lift this as high as you can at this point. The mechanism is heavy and this may need a fair amount of force. Once it is high enough, the whole thing should then pivot out towards you, and the foot part can be opened out.

Comments by Rachel Pearcey on 2nd June 2015  antimacassar@talktalk.net 

I have one of these but have been unable to work out how to open it fully.