Lucozade the Sparkling Glucose Drink

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Year: 1951         Item #: 797         Views: 7,163         Comments: 1

Lucozade the Sparkling Glucose Drink

Lucozade supplies the tired system with Glucose. Give the children Lucozade - the sparkling glucose drink. It quickly puts back lost vitality, helps calm edgy nerves and gently stimulates the appetite. And you'll enjoy a glass yourself too.

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Comments by Andre Ferrari on 14th February 2013  

Lucozade was thrillingly fizzy for us kids in the 50's. Fizzy drinks were a rare treat for us then. Unfortunately we usually had to be 'poorly' to justify the purchase of a bottle! The yellow cellophane wrapper was a bonus, for a curious child to view the world through. The gold foil over the stopper could be teased off and flattened out to make a crinkly circle. It never seemed to taste as good when I got older, probably as I was used to other fizzy drinks by then. And it seemed to lose something of its magic when they stopped wrapping it in yellow cellophane.