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Year: 1951         Item #: 815         Views: 8,586         Comments: 12


There's a place in every home for a Fitrobe - The mark of a genuine "Fitrobe" fitted wardrobe & hallrobe.

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Comments by Michelle Quinton on 23rd November 2017 

I have a wardrobe and tall boy made by Homeworthy but we can't work out how old they are, anyone know any more about them? Email if you want to see a picture of them.

Comments by Clara Marinelli on 27th August 2017 

Hello there I am looking for a fitrobe wardrobe for the bedroom of my daughter. Is anybody looking at selling one? I leave in Italy, Florence, and I already have one bought from my parents about 20 yrs ago.
Thank you for any feedback.

Clara Marinelli

Comments by Debbie Schmit on 15th March 2017  

I live in South Wales near Cardiff and have a Fitrobe in my garage which must go in the next few weeks as we are moving. Any one interested?

Comments by Jo Coles on 19th January 2017 

I have a beautiful Fitrobe, with all the internal fittings complete & in superb condition (sorry main door key missing). Offers please. I am advertising on multiple sites so sensible offers only please.

Comments by Sophie on 9th December 2015 

Please contact if you are looking to buy a fitrobe wardrobe 'super fitrobe' addition.

Comments by Helen Osborn on 11th November 2013 

Looking to buy another fitrobe for my sons' bedroom. Please contact me if you have one you're looking to sell.

Comments by carly on 4th May 2013 

hi i have a fitrobe wardrobe its missing a few drawers but other then that in great condition,would anyone be interested in buying it

Comments by Robert on 5th March 2013  

There is a Fitrobe in my mothers house in 'Slough'. We will be getting rid of it sometime in the near future.
Interesting to see it here!

Comments by Michelle on 18th August 2012  

I just bought a super one for $30.00 at a yard sale
it has everything including the stickers
and drawers very cool piece

Comments by Joan on 18th February 2012  

Worked for this company for a few years c 1953 - the Fitrobe was only one of the many robes manufactured there.They also produced Hallrobes, Bedroom Suites plus had a section for making cabinets for radio and radiogrames.

Comments by Paul on 10th June 2010 

we have super fitrobe and are looking to sell. can anyone help with a reccommended price or where to go. Thanks

Comments by bowen on 19th May 2010 

when was the first fitrobe wardrobe made by this company
d.m.davies of slough