Flag Sauce

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Year: 1951         Item #: 819         Views: 9,217         Comments: 1

Flag Sauce

Flag Sauce for Quality. Flag Tomato Ketchup is Delicious too.

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Comments by ROBERT WORLEY on 13th September 2011  robert.worley5@gmail.com 

I served my National Service in the Royal Artilley from Sept 1952 until 1954. The food during my 12 weeks basic traing at Park Hall Camp, Oswestry, Salop was pretty grim. But help was at hand in the form of pint bottles of FLAG Brown Sauce. So to allieviate the taste, we smothered everything in this most delicious sticky liquid which had a habit of drooling down the bottle! Now they have changed the receipe of our National Herritage in the form of HP Sauce. What hope for Great Britain now!!