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Huntley & Palmers

Milk & Honey. Tempting and delicious 2/4 per lb. Huntley & Palmers the first name you think of in Biscuits.

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Comments by Margaret Lloyd on 2nd February 2020  

Would love to be able to buy these biscuits - a
childhood favourite.

Comments by Yvonne on 3rd January 2020 

I quite agree. I loved these biscuits when I was growing up and truly wish I could see them in shops again. How sad they are gone.

Comments by Caroline on 13th October 2019  

These were lovely and such a treat. Wish we could still buy them.

Comments by Pam on 22nd April 2019  

Would love to have these biscuits back on sale. They were delicious.

Comments by Debbie Monaghan on 22nd March 2018  

Please , please , please bring back milk and honey biscuits , same recipe that they used to be ... I just loved them as a child

Comments by Henry Purdy on 8th March 2018 

Would love to see milk and honey biscuits back again

Comments by Melanie Stevenson on 20th December 2017  

Yes, do bring back milk and honey creams. These were my all time favourite biscuits when I was young.

Comments by kevin allen on 1st November 2017  

Bring back milk and honey biscuits

Comments by Gustav Pilsel on 16th October 2017 

Like so many of your previous correspondents, milk-and-honey biscuits were the top of my favourite biscuit list. They mysteriously disappeared from the shop shelves, maybe when biscuit boxes were replaced by packaged biscuits and no longer sold by the pound, and were never seen again.
If there is any justice in the world, they will make them again for me to relive my childhood and for upcoming generations to have a new experience and delicious in life.

Comments by Jill on 21st August 2017  

Please bring Milk and Honey back. I often think of them and never understood why they stopped being produced. I absolutely loved them.
N. B. Same recipe please.

Comments by Richard Dickinson on 6th August 2017 

I liked them so much my mother brought me a full box of packets from the wholesaler in Bradford.

Comments by Jackie on 27th June 2017  

I have been looking for these for 40 odd years. I was begining to think I imagined them even excisting. How I loved them. Please bring them back, in this health conscious world they are an ideal way to remain healthy!!

Comments by Ray on 9th June 2017  

My Mum worked in Huntleys in Huyton during the 70s and would buy these from the factory shop. Best biscuits in the world. Sorry to find you can no longer buy them. Chocolate Oliver's was another favourite and I've managed to buy these from the online shop at Huntley and Palmers.

Comments by Andy on 17th April 2017  

Only one way to eat them... take the biscuit off, nibble the cream and go for the honey centre last of all. Brilliant, bring them back!

Comments by Denice Spratt on 7th February 2017 

I grew up in New Zealand and these were my all time favourite biscuits so if Huntley and Palmer ever brings them back I will be buying them.
The first thing I always looked for in our small local grocery store were these biscuits when I was a kid and I was so disappointed when they were no longer available though we did get them back for a while when I was a teenager and then that was it they disappeared off our shelves never to be seen again. So a plea to Huntley and Palmers bring back the Milk and Honey biscuits

Comments by Jackie Smith on 11th January 2017  

I'm always going on about these biscuits and how my late mum bought them as treat for me, we lived in Reading not far from Huntley and Palmers factory, nothing today compares to them.I to would love to see them brought back.

Comments by Eleanor on 27th November 2016  

Surely M&S could come up with a copy of these delightful biscuits. The creamy filling and the lovely "honey" filling were highly addictive.

Comments by Janette Trundle on 23rd September 2016  wondeful biscuits

Please bring them back.

Comments by Thais on 18th August 2016  

The best biscuits ever!!! I would give anything to have them back in my life. So many memories1

Comments by Dawn on 16th July 2016  

Talked about them at work yesterday found them today on the net want to buy them now after 50 years I want them back.please please please.

Comments by Maggie Wallace on 27th January 2016 

Oh God oh God oh God I still miss these fantastic biscuits! If only they could come back I could go happily into my old age! ;)

Comments by Janice Newton on 29th August 2015 

These beautifully crafted biscuits were part of my childhood landscape, my Mum who is not no longer with me sadly bought them as a treat, they were delicious! and dunked perfectly as they stayed in one piece after dipped in tea. I miss these biscuits and finding this picture of them was a delight. I agree! BRING THEM BACK HUNTLEY AND PALMERS! no idea why they were discontinued in the first place they were far superior to custard creams, were they perhaps more expensive to manufacture and therefore not cost effective?

Comments by Ray Fishman on 12th August 2015  

So glad to find others who remember this excellent biscuit. Remember them in 50's and 60's...only Custard creams and Bourbons come close.

Comments by Bernice on 19th November 2014  

These were my favourite biscuits. I can't find anyone who remembers them though, so it's nice to see other comments.

Comments by trish on 14th June 2014  

This was the best biscuit ever. If only it would return - even as a limited time 'special'

Comments by Susan on 26th April 2014  

These were my favourite biscuits. I really wish they were still made today.

Comments by KP on 4th January 2014  

I remember my nan keeping a stock of these in her pantry for us whenever we went to visit her in Wales. Would love to see them make a comeback!

Comments by John on 7th April 2013  

I to loved these biscuits, I used to have them during the morning break at my infants school with the small bottle of milk that we had every day. The teacher charged us 1 old penny for 2 of them. They were the best jam and cream biscuits ever made, nothing has ever come close in taste or texture, BRING THEM BACK HUNTLEY&PALMERS !!!!!

Comments by Andre Ferrari on 14th February 2013  

I would always pick the the Milk and Honey biscuit from a tin of assorted bisuits. I still miss them! I am known to split open a custard cream, smear a litle honey on the middle, and re-join it! Its the nearest I can get to re-creating the taste, but the honey lacks the 'chewiness' of the originals. Try it!

Comments by Matt on 5th February 2013  

Worlds best biscuit. Even thinking about them makes me all misty eyed. The jam sandwich biscuit was a decent offspring but the jammie dodger an abomination by comparison.

Comments by Bryan White on 27th December 2012  

The best biscuit ever made by the best maker. If only they were still around today.

Comments by Diana Wilson on 5th November 2012 

These were my very favourite biscuit, oh how I wish they could be made again, certain they would be a best seller!

Comments by Jon Ahmad on 19th July 2012  

Yes, I too remember them very fondly. On my fifth birthday, my mother had the table all laid out including a plate of these simply delicious treats. The plate was empty within seconds. Best biscuit I've ever tasted.

Comments by Julia on 3rd April 2012  

these were my absolute favourite biscuit when i was a child in the late 1950s, i was fascinated by the beehives etc on the top biscuit. but loved them mainly because they were a huge treat. on a visit to Reading when i was 5 or 6 years old i saw the factory with a huge royal warrant coat of arms at the top of the building. i don't think this is a false memory

Comments by Sheena on 21st January 2012  

I loved them too - my absolute favourite. But no more :-(

Comments by Mike B Sculthorp on 15th June 2011 

I loved them too. I was just looking to see if they are still availabe, but alas they are no more! I bet they would sell if re-introduced.

Comments by Kathryn on 15th November 2010  

used to love these biscuits as a child in the 60s. Always wondered what happened to them!