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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Brian Humphries on 30th March 2018  

Mmmmmm,but mackintosh is a thrilling word. Apart from anything else,they were the original makers of those lovely Quality Street chocolates. But, in a waterproof context, the nearest items to the original rubber-lined garments, are those fabulous rubber-proofed satin creations by Lakeland Elements. Not to mention the gorgeous Charlie Ann Wray, who frequently models them. However, they are prohibitively expensive. The sole item in my wardrobes of this nature is a royal blue metallic mackintosh, proofed by black rubber. It cost some £400, and is the most expensive item I have.

Many of you have mentioned the scarcity of the original 50s and 60s items-sadly all too true. But keep looking at e-bay. If you are in a buying mood-and what waterproof enthusiast isn't?-you will always find something of interest. Not only have I never been disappointed with any of my purchases, but I have frequently forged good relationships with the vendors.

Comments by Hugh on 28th March 2018 

Thank you for your contribution on this thread Susan, it seem's I'm not as alone a I'd thought.

Comments by Susan on 27th March 2018

Yes, you're correct Hugh, mackintosh is a wonderful word that for me, conjures up such wonderful feelings. I'm partial to all words describing raincoats, particularly 'plastic mac' and 'nylon mac' but replace mac with mackintosh and the feelings just grow.

Comments by Hugh on 26th March 2018 

Yes Beverly, we have similar memories. I have read several of your posts and you are among the few who helps keep the word alive. Thank you!

Comments by Beverley mr on 25th March 2018 

mackintosh yes indeed is a lovely word. Can just hear a strict mummy saying stearnly to her daughter put on your MACKINTOSH.Plastic mackintosh n hood . mmmmmmmmmm

Comments by Hugh on 23rd March 2018 

Hello everyone. I'm a late-comer to this feed, although I have enjoyed reading the posts for some time. I was just hoping that anyone on here would like to engage in a discussion about the root of our passion? I have been drawn to nylon mackintoshes since early childhood and would be interested to know of your story?

Comments by Alan B on 21st March 2018  

I remember as a 10 year old in the mid 1960s wearing a (black?) plastic pakamac. I loved wearing it as often as possible. There was a girl living nearby who I was friends with who also wore plastic. Sometimes we played a game when wearing our pakamacs that we called "shake".We would shake each other, or shake ourselves! Our other friends thought we were "shook" when they saw us, but we didn't mind.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 20th March 2018  

The thing is, are we going to get a summer this year? I use one of my favourite words yet again-Brrrrrrrr!!!

Comments by Hugh on 20th March 2018 

Does anyone on here lament the decline in use of the word mackintosh? Mac, raincoat, trenchcoat are fine, but mackintosh has such a ring to it. It need not necessarily refer to the rubber coat we all know. Mackintosh with upper case 'M' is after all a rand name. But mackintosh with lower case 'm' is a generic term for any type of raincoat, whatever the fabric. I, of course, am dedicated to the nylon pakamac type mackintosh.
I would welcome your comments.

Comments by Rob on 18th March 2018  

Yes we are surprised that you can't find them in more shops because they are perfect for our summers!

Comments by RICHARD on 18th March 2018  

Thanks Rob pity you can't remember more bit of a long drive without more details regards Richard

Comments by Rob on 16th March 2018  

Sorry I can't remember it is made by RAIN but they are ladies.

Comments by Richard on 15th March 2018  

Hi Rob thanks a shop. near Ayr can you be a bit. more pacific please can you. remember the name of the shop please regards Richard

Comments by Rob on 14th March 2018  

Its the one on the 16 July 2017 Rob

Comments by RICHARD on 13th March 2018  

Thank you Rob I can't find your comment could you
refresh it please regards

Comments by Rob on 11th March 2018  

We get asked this a lot Richard and we did find somewhere last summer. Its on our comment in July if it helps.

Comments by Susan on 5th March 2018

I find it has to be cold for it to be comfortable enough to sleep all night in a plastic mac. A nylon mac can be worn most nights except perhaps for the warmest summer. Like Berverley, I wear them to sleep in on most nights.

Comments by RICHARD on 3rd March 2018  

Does anyone know where we can purchase a plastic Mac the type that used to be quality type not the paper thin type regards

Comments by Frank Barnard on 1st March 2018  

Never to cold for a pac a mac good luck Beverly admire your honesty

Comments by Brian Humphries on 1st March 2018  

There was a typing error in my last post. The appropriate word is Brrrrrr!!

Comments by Brian Humphries on 28th February 2018  

I can say only one word to Beverly Mr-"Brŕrrrrrrrrr!!".

Comments by Beverley mr on 27th February 2018  

so cold sleep in my nylon mackintosh over house in day plastic mackintosh over full clothes.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 27th February 2018  

Definitely NOT Pakamac weather today, for wearing, kissing, or WHATEVER!!

Comments by Susan on 14th February 2018

No mention of pakamacs here!!!

Comments by Beverley mr on 10th February 2018 

Yes indeed i was 18 my girl did not have a pakamac. i told her i liked to see girls in pakamacs . I asked her if she would wear one if i bought it for her she said yes. So i gave her 10 bob and she got a blue one. Heart pounding i watched as she put the mackintosh on and pulled the belt tight. Then it was arms round her lots of cuddles and kiss mackintosh rustling and the aroma that comes from a new plastic mac. mmmmmm

Comments by Frank Barnard on 9th February 2018  

Can anyone remember the first time they kissed a girl wearing a pac a mac?

Comments by Beverley mr on 1st February 2018 

jamie where you still made to wear your pakamc when in your teens . were you embarressed about wearing your pakamac. did you ask to be aloud out without your plastic pakamac n hood. Bev.

Comments by Hugh on 1st February 2018 

Good day.

Comments by Jamie on 29th January 2018  

There were plenty of warm sunny summer days that my parents would dress me warm for. Others would be running around in summer dresses and I would be wearing my Mac and Wellingtons, often with the hood up and a scarf.

Comments by Beverley mr on 21st January 2018 

Love the comment from Jamie as i recall pakamacs at first had hoods.From early age had dreams of being made to wear plastic mac with hood . like jamie even in fine weather. in my dreams on sunny days i would be made fun of. would ask mum to let me off wearing my plastic mac n hood when fine but to no avail ,Bev.

Comments by Alan on 20th January 2018 

Hi I have not made a entry on this site for some time now as l felt it seemed to be drifting away from its main object (plastic Pakamacs) l have been adding comments right from 2007 when it first started. and l made its 500th entry on 13/2/13. There is one person in particular who l feel is very similar to myself and that is Brian l have read is many entries andlike me he goes back to when it really all started. So l have a message here for you Brian. l would love to have a nice long chat with you and l have so much to share. So if you would like to chat too with a very Pakamac experienced person like yourself then please feel free to contact me where hopefully we can chat freely l am sure you will be glad you did. regards Alan

Comments by John on 9th January 2018  

Thanks for your comments Brian and I'm sure you appreciate, one needs to he specific on these things hence it has to be a genuine pakamac for me

Comments by Brian Humphries on 9th January 2018  

John,if you after a brand new nylon mac,buttoned,collared,in the traditional Pakamac style,you may have problems. However,such items do turn up regularly on e-bay,and they are almost invariably in excellent condition.

Alternatively,you would do well to consider "Stay Dry Rainwear". They stock excellent,low-priced nylon macs,in both navy and black. They have both zips and popper fastening and attached hoods. The seams and general workmanship are, admittedly, a little crude, compared with Pakamac's excellent standards, but they are beautifully relaxing and comfortable to wear. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Of course,if you are like myself and my fellow enthusiasts,you will probably try both routes! Just "follow the yellow-brick road", and let us know how you fare. Best wishes!

Comments by John on 8th January 2018  

I'm looking to source a genuine navy blue nylon pakamac in size extra large....preferably new so any suggestions ?

Comments by G on 5th January 2018  

Hi Brian you are a expert on pac a macs your knowledge of them is second to none hope you continue to comment on this site Happy new year to you and all mac lovers

Comments by Brian Humphries on 2nd January 2018  

Thanks for the compliment,Gareth! An expert indeed! But today I had a beautiful sighting-an authentic navy blue nylon mac, pulsating with the wearer's every move. As you would expect, a somewhat older lady. Didn't get chance to speak, so there was no liaison, but plenty of inspiration!

As for Isobel, she still remains my ultimate waterproof pin-up. Some months ago, on a very hot afternoon, I took some selfies of me in one of my navy Stay-Dry nylon macs, and these are on display on my Flickr site. The sun was so vivid, the mac appeared almost ROYAL BLUE! I was standing at the lake, near to Isobel's house, hoping she would appear, but not on this occasion. However, the whole leafy area remains my favourite haunt for outdoor macking. Rest assured, I do remain witnin the confines of decency! Till next time, happy macking to all of you!

Comments by G on 2nd January 2018  

Hi Brian great to hear a expert talking about pac a macs please don't leave us in suspence let's hear about Isobel

Comments by Brian Humphries on 1st January 2018  

A Happy New Year to all the waterproof fraternity-let's hope there is as much rain as possible!

Jamie has made an interesting comment about Pakamac hoods. The standard grey-black plastic macs of the 50s/60s were without hoods,to accommodate school uniform caps(yuck!)for the boys, and hats for the girls. Some of the other brands of plastic mac did have attached hoods, but most had separate rain bonnets, so beloved of Susan.

When plastic macs reappeared with a vengeance, in the late 70s, the attached hoods were one of the most attractive features. For my part, I love attached hoods as they make the items so much more alluring. They give the mac and the wearer a beautifully "chunky" appearance. They make me think of Isobel-here I go again-who has just the right figure for mackintosh wearing. If only I could have persuaded her......

Comments by Curious on 31st December 2017  

Jamie do you still wear pac a macs?

Comments by Jamie on 20th December 2017  

I also have very fond memories of the pakamac. My parents were rather strict when I was growing up, and one of their rules was that a pakamac would be my summer coat. I had to wear my pakamac whenever I set foot outside during the summer. On especially hot days, I was allowed to keep my hood down but most of the time I had to wear it up.

Comments by G on 19th December 2017  

Hi everyone Merry Christmas Brian Jeff Susan Rob thank you all for your comments

Comments by Brian Humphries on 2nd December 2017  

Pakamac may be gone, unfortunately, but the tradition is kept going by "Stay Dry", "PVC-U-Like", and one or two others. One good thing about Pakamac is that they kept their prices very reasonable even though they were leaders in their particular field, and their successors have followed suit. Nor have they sacrificed quality-just try the PEVA macs of Stay Dry!

Comments by Brian Humphries on 2nd December 2017  

A lovely contribution,John, congratulations and thanks very much. Like me, your enthusiasm was sparked by school rainwear.

Although plastic macs were allowed as part of our school uniform, they had to be grey, grey-black, or black, to harmonise with the navy blue basic uniform. Because the girls preferred the more colourful macs, which were frowned upon, it followed that far more boys wore the standard plastic Pakamacs than girls.

However, a few girls did have their own way, and I recall a beautiful see-through mac in a vivid emerald green, well worn.
The colour was particularly striking, and was only equalled when Pakamac brought out their new range in 1977. They then referred to this colour as "jade".

So, there is another piece of waterproof trivia, and there will be more to come. In the meantime, I will keep searching for those cherished gems from Chadderton.......

Comments by John on 29th November 2017  

Hi new member here .I have just discovered the site and have very much enjoyed reading all the comments with interest bringing back old memories of when I was taken to get fitted for school rainwear or my sisters .In west London where I lived there were two shops that specialised in school uniforms one for boys and gents and the other for girls and both fully stocked pakamac plastic and nylon raincoats which were compulsory then at most schools in the area.So usually about once a year you were taken to get fitted, usually for a gabardine raincoat and a pakamac to fit over the top ,then you were fully measured for both so you got the correct fitting .Both the shops used to carry a very extensive range. Now long gone.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 27th November 2017  

An excellent contribution from Plasticjiffymac, outlining the agonies and ecstasies of waterproof enthusiasm. More and more I am going back to those early days of boy's plastic macs, and how I was so obsessed with them. At school, on wet days, I could hardly concentrate on lessons, knowing so many of them were hanging in the cloakroom, drying so beautifully.

As I have previously implied, I hav9e no doubt at all on the veracity of Stories website. We waterproof enthusiasts must stick together and share as many experiences as possible. Maybe sharing macs too-a lovely thought. Jeff has mentioned the possibility of displaying my items in a museum-again a wonderfully creative idea.

My great friend/contact/near-partner, Susan, has not only marvellous wardrobes of plastic and nylon macs, but also a wonderfully comprehensive knowledge of such items. It would not surprise me at all if the Stories website did not belong to her. She has some great male plastic Pakamacs too. And, Sue, if you are reading this, please let me have your phone number once more. I accidentally deleted it, hence my not being in touch.

Despite the wonderful convenience of Pakamacs, I have my eyes on an olive green heavy latex rubber mac, from Weathervain, and this may be my next for thought...a rubber mac...rubber mac...

Comments by Brian Humphries on 26th November 2017  

The comments are good, but the macs themselves would be even better. I will not rest until I have acquired a genuine, grey-black, see-through, late 50s/early 60s plastic Pakamac, from the original Chadderton factory. There must still be a few around somewhere.

Comments by Friend on 26th November 2017  

On Facebook totally sixties there is a post about remembering bering plastic macs some interesting comments

Comments by Brian Humphries on 22nd November 2017  

Susan and Plastic Pakamac/Stories, real professionals! And no, I haven't read any of your material, Plastic Pakamac, but when my e-mails are sorted out, I will be investigating your resources further.

Comments by Susan on 22nd November 2017

Just caught up with the latest updates. Fascinating and I'm interested in contacting Pakamac. I am not associated with his work but as you imagine, very interested.
I'll contact you again Brian, so we can continue our lovely chats.

Comments by Plastic Pakamac on 17th November 2017 

Hello Brian, , I am the sole author of the works you mention, they have never been distributed anywhere so I would rather like to know how you came to read them, especially as I have only allowed MP3 files to be listened to by a couple of very close contacts.
It is possible though, that a few rather badly written stories of mine were seen on my old yahoo website, now defunct for some time. It is possible, who know with the internet?

My more recent works have been produced over the past eight years now, and a great deal of effort in recording them as audio books, in as a professional a way as possible, has gone into my self set task, eight full chapters in all, each lasting thirty to fifty minutes.
But anyway, this first of my books is based on my very real history, it is not fiction, and if you really would like to hear the whole of the first book, of which there are many, all you have to do is to send an email using a proper email address to And I will then point you to where I have stored the files.
I do hope that anyone who hears them will leave criticism of my work, for it is quite hard doing such a thing without a mentor.
Again, if you would like to contact me, please use

Oh, and I have been using the name Pakamac ever since the internet really got going in the early eighties, so that must give you some notion of my age...
I Look forwards to reading some comments.