Eleven o'Clock Cocoa in Mrs. Barber's Home

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Eleven o'Clock Cocoa in Mrs. Barber's Home

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Mrs. Barber lives in Lollard Street, off Lambeth Walk. Left is Mrs. Barber's 88-year-old father, who sells straw-bags in Lambeth Walk on Fridays and Saturdays, if fine. Right is her daughter. A cup of cocoa is their morning custom.
Source: Picture Post. December 31, 1938

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Comments by H Staples on 12th July 2014  

My mother, Mary Bridges, lived in Clayton Buildings< Lollard Street and went to Lollard Street school.

Comments by Sandra mcneil on 11th December 2013  

My Mum was born in Lambeth, and my Dad lived in Paradise street (it wasn't) . Mum went to Lollard st school.