Leytonstone Jig & Tool Co., Ltd.

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Leytonstone Jig & Tool Co., Ltd.
Leytonstone Jig & Tool Co., Ltd.
Year: 1953
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For a better grip on drilling jobs - See the Leytool Hand Drill at your local tool shop. Conveniently compact and beautifully engineered. Makes drilling an effortless pleasure. Requires no oiling - no exertion...
Source: Picture Post. April 25, 1953

Comment by: Nick Williams on 23rd September 2013 at 11:11

Found one of these for £1 at the local carboot The handle needs some repair otherwise all in very good condition. Clearly made to last.

Comment by: Phil on 29th August 2008 at 15:01

I have found one of these in the cellar of the house i live in now, a few old drill bits and other tools were left in a drawer by previous owner