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My comment wasn't added
All comments are moderated before being added. Please allow up to 12 hours or so for an administrator to add. Any personal attacks, foul language, racism etc. will not be tolerated.
I want to use a photo
Yes, feel free. I no longer have the originals so cannot provide a larger version. If the image on the website is suitable, you can use it. An acknowledgement to would be appreciated but is not necessary.
Most advertising is handled by third parties, however, I would be keen to welcome sponsorship of sections of History World. For example, the Fashion section or Old Photos section could be branded for your business to gain more exposure. It would also help with my hosting fees.
No thanks, I get requests daily and I delete them all. They are of no relevance to the website and have no interest to people visiting.
If you have any old material that you think would benefit the website, please contact me.