Car Cruiser Caravans, Ltd.

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Car Cruiser Caravans, Ltd.
Car Cruiser Caravans, Ltd.
Year: 1931
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Car Cruising. Tow your own hotel! With a Car Cruiser behind your car, you can stop where you like, for a day, or a week, or a year, in absolute comfort and at the minimum expense.
Source: Punch, July 22, 1931

Comment by: Michelle on 3rd June 2007 at 19:48

Good grief, look how HIGH that thing is! The centre of gravity is going to send it spinning out of control even on the slightest bend!!!

Comment by: Eddie Marshall on 5th July 2006 at 14:59

"Are the aerodynamics the wrong way round?"
Silly boy. You can see that the square windshield of the car will neatly deflect the air onto the cunningly designed roof of the 'van. The rear streamlining is obviously for high speed reversing!