Sozodont for the Teeth

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Sozodont for the Teeth
Sozodont for the Teeth
Year: 1890
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Rack and Ruin will overtake the teeth if they are not cleansed every day. Therefore be wise in time, ere your teeth are irretrievably gone and the beauty of the mouth disfigured, and hasten to burnish and invigorate them with that delightful antiseptic dentifrice Sozodont...
Source: The Illustrated London News. May 17, 1890

Comment by: James Rogers on 2nd October 2006 at 22:48

This product, which disolved teeth (!) is said to be one of the stimuli that caused the US Food and Drug Administration to be established. Sozodont was created by a man named Van Buskirk, a pharmacist in Newark, New Jersey USA and at one time was sold worldwide, as evidenced by this advertisement.