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Whiteway's British Wines
Whiteway's British Wines
Year: 1947
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The White-Way to beat the Black Market. Our British wines are still sold at the very economical price of 6/- per bottle and represent the best value in wine obtainable today. They are of full alcoholic strength and the name "WHITEWAY" on a label has been a guarantee of purity and quality for over 50 years.
Source: Punch. September 10, 1947.

Comment by: Jeff on 12th September 2019 at 23:56

Hi Tracy, like you we've been drinking Whiteways Fruit wines since the 90s, as part of our "healthy breakfasts" at rockabilly weekenders. Sad to report I don't think they're made anymore, I made extensive searches and enquiries of various online dealers last year and drew blanks, a shame as only a few years ago Morrisons stocked it. Another great British tradition comes to an end....

Comment by: tracy coleman on 22nd June 2018 at 17:51

Hi there ive been drinking your Apricot wine for many years.
In the last few weeks im having problems in finding where to purchase it from. Have you stopped making it?
Ive checked on line and amazon is selling it for £146.00 for a box of 12.
Way to expensive.
do you sell it direct.

Many Thanks