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Year: 1954
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New... far and away the richest chocolate thrill. Bounty, with milkier, juicier coconut than even south-sea islanders ever knew. Bounty, smothered thick will full-cream milk chocolate. Two big chunky bars for 6d. Enjoy one today!
Source: Picture Post. December 25, 1954

Comment by: Lorna Gilmour on 26th July 2014 at 12:15

This ad has just reminded me of a joke we used to tell at school, although it only works with a Scottish accent:

'Doctor, doctor, I feel like a coconut.'
'You need to cover yourself in chocolate then.'
'Will I feel better if I do that?'
'Aye, you'll be bound tae' (ie bound to, pronounced 'Bounty').

Well, it made us laugh back in 1969 anyway...