Wills's Whiffs

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Wills's Whiffs
Wills's Whiffs
Year: 1951
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Which day is Whiffs day? These days a man really appreciates a little luxury like Wills's Whiffs. And not just "one of these days", but any of these days. These grand little cigars are so good, and cost so little, you should enjoy them every day. That's what Wills's Whiffs are made for.
Source: Picture Post. November 17, 1951

Comment by: Alfa Kilo on 27th February 2017 at 12:09

As a small boy in the late 1950s, I got the idea that my father liked Will's Whiffs. So I used to buy him a pack of 5 for Xmas. Actually I don't know if he was that keen on them; and nowadays I don't suppose a shop would sell them to a small boy.