Ross Ensign Snapper

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Ross Ensign Snapper
Ross Ensign Snapper
Year: 1954
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Your film costs just the same whether your camera gives you a full roll of good pictures or a succession of failures. With this Snapper Camera you can be sure of getting eight out of eight first class, full-size snapshots which need no further enlargement...
Source: John Bull. July 24, 1954.

Comment by: Donald MacLeod on 16th September 2012 at 19:53

I bought one of these camera brand new from Oxendale's sale catalogue, I think in the early 1960s. The quality was much less than that of the Ross Ensign 820 Special I bought secondhand a little later. I still have them, but I haven't used them for many years. The 820's shutter gave in, as Epsilon shutters were prone to do. I also have a Ross Watcher stalking telescope. This was (and is) an excellent piece of equipment, and much older than the cameras.