British Railways, 1938

Material kindly supplied by Brian Thurston.

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Erecting an engine   View Card

2. Erecting an engine

The wheel tapper   View Card

3. The wheel tapper

London's Underground   View Card

4. London's Underground

The Coronation Express   View Card

5. The Coronation Express

Miniature railway   View Card

6. Miniature railway

Snow plough   View Card

7. Snow plough

Hard-working veteran   View Card

8. Hard-working veteran

Paddington goods depot   View Card

9. Paddington goods depot

Coal traffic   View Card

10. Coal traffic

Diesel train   View Card

12. Diesel train

Travelling post office   View Card

13. Travelling post office

Signal stores train   View Card

15. Signal stores train

Big five   View Card

16. Big five

The Bournemouth Belle   View Card

17. The Bournemouth Belle

A pioneer system   View Card

18. A pioneer system

Camping coach   View Card

19. Camping coach

Train ferry   View Card

20. Train ferry

Express goods train   View Card

21. Express goods train

On the footplate   View Card

22. On the footplate

Tunnel inspection   View Card

23. Tunnel inspection

The Torbay Express   View Card

24. The Torbay Express

Point duty   View Card

25. Point duty

The Flying Scotsman   View Card

26. The Flying Scotsman

The Royal Scot   View Card

27. The Royal Scot

Track laying machine   View Card

28. Track laying machine

Breakdown crane   View Card

29. Breakdown crane

The firelighter   View Card

30. The firelighter

In the drivers' cab   View Card

31. In the drivers' cab

Strange freights   View Card

32. Strange freights

Two engines in one   View Card

33. Two engines in one

The Night Scotsman   View Card

34. The Night Scotsman

On the Forth Bridge   View Card

36. On the Forth Bridge

The Coronation Scot   View Card

37. The Coronation Scot

Mechanical coaling   View Card

38. Mechanical coaling

Signal box   View Card

39. Signal box

The Mancunian   View Card

40. The Mancunian

Streamlined rail car   View Card

41. Streamlined rail car

Track repairs   View Card

43. Track repairs

The Golden Arrow   View Card

45. The Golden Arrow

Turntable   View Card

46. Turntable

Wind tunnel   View Card

47. Wind tunnel