Coastwise, 1939

Material kindly supplied by Brian Thurston.

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At the Mooth of the Dart   View Card

1. At the Mooth of the Dart

Old and New   View Card

2. Old and New

Ferry Pier, Hull   View Card

3. Ferry Pier, Hull

Lee Rail Under   View Card

4. Lee Rail Under

Cadgwith Cove   View Card

5. Cadgwith Cove

Beachcombers   View Card

6. Beachcombers

Landing the Catch   View Card

7. Landing the Catch

Home of Yachtsmen   View Card

8. Home of Yachtsmen

Squally Weather   View Card

9. Squally Weather

A Quiet Cove   View Card

10. A Quiet Cove

South Stack Light   View Card

11. South Stack Light

Newquay from the Harbour   View Card

12. Newquay from the Harbour

Merseyside   View Card

13. Merseyside

Hastings Luggers   View Card

14. Hastings Luggers

Hauled to Safety   View Card

15. Hauled to Safety

Sunlit Sands   View Card

16. Sunlit Sands

Evening at Minehead   View Card

17. Evening at Minehead

Whitstable Whelker   View Card

18. Whitstable Whelker

Sailing Trawlers   View Card

19. Sailing Trawlers

To the Rescue   View Card

20. To the Rescue

A Link with Trafalgar   View Card

21. A Link with Trafalgar

The Port of East Anglia   View Card

22. The Port of East Anglia

On the Looe River   View Card

23. On the Looe River

The Old Harbour, Rye   View Card

24. The Old Harbour, Rye

Poole Harbour   View Card

25. Poole Harbour

Training Ship   View Card

26. Training Ship

The Haven Under the Hill   View Card

27. The Haven Under the Hill

The Herring Fleet   View Card

28. The Herring Fleet

Taking the Water   View Card

29. Taking the Water

St. Ives   View Card

31. St. Ives

Norwich as a Port   View Card

32. Norwich as a Port

Weymouth Harbour   View Card

33. Weymouth Harbour

Brixham Trawler   View Card

34. Brixham Trawler

A Smuggler's Cove   View Card

35. A Smuggler's Cove

Mending Nets   View Card

36. Mending Nets

Bodinnick Ferry   View Card

37. Bodinnick Ferry

Shrimping   View Card

38. Shrimping

Glorious Devon   View Card

39. Glorious Devon

Newlyn Harbour   View Card

40. Newlyn Harbour

Cowes Regatta   View Card

41. Cowes Regatta

In Bridlington Bay   View Card

43. In Bridlington Bay

Mevagissey   View Card

44. Mevagissey

Harvesters of the Sea   View Card

45. Harvesters of the Sea

Cornish Cameo   View Card

46. Cornish Cameo

Scarborough   View Card

47. Scarborough

Docking the Queen Mary   View Card

48. Docking the Queen Mary