Evening in the Cafe Royal

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Evening in the Cafe Royal
Evening in the Cafe Royal
Year: 1938
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Once they drank absinthe. He wore long hair and a stock-tie. She wore a flowing dress and sandals. They talked about the Yellow Book and the newest witticism of Oscar Wilde. To-day they dress like ordinary people, and they talked about... what do you think?
Source: Picture Post. November 12, 1938

Comment by: Tom Walsh Wigan on 2nd March 2012 at 13:28

Please compere this photograph with another on this site . " An Evening Pint in The Feathers" . The same city , the same year , but absolutely
worlds apart. T'was ever thus!.

Comment by: HOWARD on 13th September 2009 at 09:21

I' m not sure these two were very ordinary even in 1938, they don't look like they've just been working in the mills or mines. The strange thing is I think I'm an ordinary bloke, and I have too many tattoos to be let in the Cafe Royal but I like nothing more than a talk about The Yellow Book and Oscar Wilde's witticisms.

Comment by: David Briggs on 4th June 2008 at 13:00

Why have you got a chinese spring roll on your head

Comment by: Katy on 16th October 2007 at 21:32

"and breath my dear, it's not that kind of cigarette!"

Comment by: Ron on 27th September 2007 at 20:00

"I do believe a rare hawk moth is pupating in your hair my dear"

Comment by: David on 27th September 2007 at 15:31

I'll have that sausage roll if you're not keeping it for later?

Comment by: Dave Marsh on 21st June 2006 at 08:17

"You do look most fetching this evening my dear".