The General Strike, 1926

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The General Strike, 1926
The General Strike, 1926
Year: 1926
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Buses and trams were run with volunteer drivers and conductors. Many young undergraduates enjoyed themselves at this work. The strikers showed admirable self-control at these efforts to defeat them, and there were only a few ugly incidents.
Source: The Story of Twenty-Five Years, 1935

Comment by: olbrit on 12th October 2010 at 04:01

What a telling indictment of the current the university system! Back then the youngsters at university were not being fed a steady diet of Marxist-Leninist pap. They recognised the need to keep 'the show on the road' and were among the first to step forward to help. These days the useful idiots at 'uni' who have been brainwashed by the loony leftists would also be harangue (or worse) the 'scabs! God help the poor old UK!