Victorian Lady

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Victorian Lady
Victorian Lady
Year: 1895
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Unknown - A Victorian Lady poses for a photograph in the park.
Source: Personal Collection of Ron Hunt, Wigan

Comment by: Michael on 13th October 2020 at 01:45

From the leafless trees we can see that this photograph was taken in Winter, but the young lady's lovely smile effortlessly spans 125 years, to fill the scene with warmth for us today.

I can easily imagine that the person holding the camera was the 'focus' of her happiness. If so, I hope they enjoyed many golden years together.

Comment by: Tom Walsh. Wigan on 2nd March 2012 at 12:04

It's very unusual in early photographs to see the subject smiling . Perhaps she was going to meet to her yong man . Ah yong love!.

Comment by: Jemma on 21st May 2010 at 20:03

woow! this is amazing! if it suprised!